Kelly is a senior counsel advising on commercial contract and intellectual property matters in technology-centred transactions.

Kelly is highly experienced in drafting and negotiating contracts for a variety of technologies. She specialises in complex, mission-critical projects including transformational IT projects and novel technologies. Kelly has particular expertise within the fintech and fashion / retail sectors. She works with customers and suppliers across a broad range of technology services including those at the forefront of e-commerce, fashiontech, financial services, software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud services.

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Global Data Hub

Digital identities in financial services: navigating risks and seizing opportunities

Kelly Burke and Matthias Brenner look at the role of regulation in raising trust in digital IDs.

18. September 2023

von Kelly Burke und Matthias Brenner

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Kryptowährungen, Blockchain und Distributed-Ledger-Technologie

Crypto wallet provider Argent raises $40m Series B to build Web3 and DeFi 'super app'

3. Mai 2022

von mehreren Autoren

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Technology, Media & Communications

Digital Identity Framework – framing who we are

23. März 2021

von Kelly Burke

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Interface - Fintech 2020

Why digital identity verification is big business in the financial services sector

A look at the growth of identity-as-a-service fintechs.

2. Oktober 2020

von Kelly Burke

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