Timothy Pinto

Senior Counsel

Timothy Pinto

Tim is senior counsel in our IP/IT group, specialising in trade marks, copyright, media and advertising matters. He has a particular expertise in advising on user generated content and reputation management matters. He advises media, technology, life sciences and financial services companies on preventing and resolving disputes. Tim is head of the firm’s UK Publishing group.

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Interface - Predictions 2023

The future of trade marks in the metaverse

Louise Popple, Timothy Pinto and Kachenka Pribanova look at upcoming trade mark issues in the metaverse.

5. Dezember 2022

von mehreren Autoren

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Sidebar - Season 2: Spotlight on ESG

Making environmental marketing claims: how to avoid greenwashing

What is greenwashing, and how do you avoid making misleading claims?

14. Juni 2022

von Emma Danks und Timothy Pinto

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Interface - The Online Safety Bill - the UK's answer to addressing online harms

Online Safety Bill – freedom of expression and privacy, journalistic content, and content of democratic importance

Tim Pinto looks at tensions between preventing online harm and protecting the fundamental rights of freedom of expression and privacy.

13. Juni 2022
In-depth analysis

von Timothy Pinto

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Technology, Media & Communications

Making environmental advertising claims – how to comply with the rules

7. Februar 2022

von Timothy Pinto und Ella Bazini

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