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Reputation management & privacy protection

As any successful company or individual appreciates, reputation is an extremely valuable asset which is crucial to developing and maintaining that success. However, in today's world, managing and protecting reputation, privacy, confidentiality and data no longer only involves dealing with threats from the print, online and broadcast media.

Our award-winning Reputation Management & Privacy Protection team has considerable experience in advising clients faced with all types of threats across all aspects of reputation management and privacy protection, including: media (newspapers, broadcasters, the paparazzi, "door-stepping", malicious sources); commercial (competitors, infringers, investigators and regulators, employees / ex-employees, high profile litigation / public hearings); online (hackers, social media, search engines, anonymous bloggers); and personal (ex-partners, divorce, blackmailers, children).

Drawing from our experience in advising media and technology companies, we have a deep understanding of publishers, broadcasters and online platforms. We are well-connected with in-house media lawyers and in many cases take a collaborative approach, dealing with matters quickly, discreetly and effectively. Our team is able to draw upon the expertise of other specialists from across the firm so it can quickly understand and advise on a vast range of complex issues.

With offices in numerous jurisdictions, the team benefits from an international reach when dealing with cross border matters. We look at the big picture and have the ability to act simultaneously in multiple jurisdictions to protect clients' rights. We have an outstanding track record and work quickly and effectively with clients to prevent or control damage using a range of proactive and reactive approaches, including litigation where necessary.

In addition to dealing with damage or threats, the team specialises in anticipating, preparing for and neutralising threats to our clients' reputation and privacy and protecting information in advance.

Protecting corporate reputation: a short guide

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