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We have one of the largest specialist biotech teams in Europe supporting global biotech companies at all stages of development, innovation, and growth. Our clients are diverse and include therapeutics companies, suppliers of research tools, companion diagnostics, and other in vitro diagnostics and bio information solutions. Our expertise extends to broader applications of biotech across environmental, industrial, and agri-biotech.

With legal expertise grounded in scientific know-how, our support incorporates company formation, spin-out accelerator programmes, venture capital fundraisings, licensing and collaborations, clinical trials, and strategic alliances in addition to accessing capital markets and deploying intellectual property rights.

Clients value our long-held industry connections and our specialist sector expertise. Our global team is embedded in this industry with experience across many technologies, including vaccines, therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, immune-oncology, and cell-based therapies, gene therapies, and tissue-engineered products.

We are chosen by renowned biotech companies for our expertise in negotiating on pivotal IP licensing deals, resolving disputes with strategic partners, dealing with data privacy issues and avoiding competition/anti-trust risks. With our support, they push innovation boundaries and exploit commercial opportunities while remaining secure within relevant regulatory regimes.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

Paul England and Simon Cohen launch new life sciences IP guide

23. März 2021

von Paul England, DPhil und Simon Cohen

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Life Sciences & Healthcare

Acting on transformational roll-up and $250 million crossover financing of cutting-edge UK and European biotech companies

16. Februar 2021

von Ross McNaughton und Colin McCall

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Life Sciences & Healthcare

Edison Open House Global Healthcare 2021 – key takeaways from our panel

4. Februar 2021
Quick read

von mehreren Autoren

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Life Sciences & Healthcare

Will the UK government's COVID-19 dosing regime gamble pay off?

11. Januar 2021

von Alison Dennis und Justyna Ostrowska

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