Ireland is increasingly popular as a location for doing business. Already an investment destination of choice for over 1,000 multinational companies, the attraction to Ireland has established a recognised gateway for businesses – especially US businesses – seeking to benefit from a presence in the European Union. With its rich history in science and technology, Ireland holds special appeal for companies and investors seeking opportunities in the arenas of technology, life sciences, healthcare, media and communications.

From first-time entrants to established corporations, our clients value our established sector expertise and on-the-ground knowhow. Working with our international network, we are uniquely positioned to unlock success for our clients, in particular across the technology and life sciences business landscape.


Our office in Dublin

Gesellschaftsrecht/ M&A & Kapitalmärkte

Adam Griffiths considers how we can raise the next generation of Irish unicorns in Business Post

26. Juli 2022

von Adam Griffiths

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Venture Capital

Adam Griffiths talks to The Sunday Times about the future for Unicorns in Ireland

28. Juni 2022

von Adam Griffiths

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Legal and practical guide for people leaving Ukraine to Ireland

13. April 2022
In-depth analysis

von Adam Griffiths und Ameer Gazder

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Responsible business

International Women's Day 2022

8. März 2022

von Elaine Dobson und Helen Farr

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