Otto heads our Technology & Data team in the Netherlands and has over a decade of experience in guiding clients through major IT projects and digital and technology transformations.

Otto will help you with more than just the legal paperwork. He is a commercial advisor with over 15 years of experience who will work with you to select the right vendors for your technology project, and to negotiate the most competitive contracts possible before implementation.

Otto also specialises in public procurement law and will apply the best practices in that field to your selection process. He enjoys helping clients in the application of new technologies and digitalisation of their business. If technology-related disputes arise, in or out of court, Otto knows how to protect his clients and will help guide you through.

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Aktuelle News & Insights

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

Sustainable IT infrastructures and data processing: increasingly essential within the ESG framework

22. August 2023

von Otto Sleeking und Sasun Sepoyan

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Datenschutz & Cyber-Sicherheit

Views across Europe: the Irish DPC's decision on Meta's international data transfers

25. Mai 2023

von mehreren Autoren

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Interface - The EUs Digital Services Act

New KYBC obligations for online platforms

Sasun Sepoyan and Otto Sleeking look at the impact of Article 24c of the DSA.

19. September 2022

von Sasun Sepoyan und Otto Sleeking

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Datenschutz & Cyber-Sicherheit

Global Data Hub - Data protection by design and default

6. März 2020

von mehreren Autoren

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