Technology and ESG

ESG has evolved in tandem with technological advancements and we are at the forefront of this convergence, playing a pivotal role in upholding responsible and sustainable practices while driving innovation and progress in the following ways:

  • Specialising in the technology sector, we are experts in advising clients who harness technology to combat climate change and address ESG challenges.
  • Our advisory expertise extends to domains where technology intersects with ESG, including health-tech, clean-tech, climate-tech, artificial intelligence, and life sciences. We recognise that ESG considerations are not only an investment driver but also integral to the identity of clients in these sectors.
  • We collaborate closely with clients to mitigate ESG risks associated with technology itself, particularly in areas such as cybersecurity and data protection.
  • Acknowledging that sustainability profoundly influences the tech sector, we address the heightened scrutiny surrounding technologies like cryptocurrencies, assessment of carbon credits and assist tech clients in establishing or collaborating with ESG-driven initiatives.

Furthermore, we advocate the concept of an integrated approach encompassing environmental, social, governance, and technological (ESGT) facets as the path to securing a sustainable future. 

Areas of focus

  • AI with ethics: Legal advice to ensure that artificial intelligence solutions adhere to the highest standards of transparency and fairness. We manage risks related to data privacy and bias, enabling you to harness the full potential of AI responsibly. 
  • Greening the future: We advise climate tech and clean tech clients throughout their business lifecycle, as well as funds, venture capital firms, corporate investors, and family offices that invest in them, paving the way for a greener tomorrow. 
  • Cyber security and data protection: Protecting your digital assets and customer data is non-negotiable. Our experts are well-versed in breach preparedness and incident response, ensuring your organisation remains resilient in the face of ever-evolving cyber threats. 
  • Digital Health: In the digital health sector, we help you navigate the intricate world of healthcare regulations, telemedicine, and patient information rights. We ensure your innovations comply with healthcare standards while improving access to quality care.
  • Fintech: Our fintech specialists advise on the risks and opportunities associated with the use of technology in delivering ESG regulatory and reporting solutions for financial services businesses. 
  • Cryptoassets and distributed ledger technology: Our digital assets specialists are able to advise on the sustainability implications of cryptoassets and the application of DLT to delivering positive ESG outcomes such as tracking supply chain emissions. 
  • Intellectual property: Our experts help clients to protect their sustainable innovations and emerging technologies across sectors and jurisdictions, through all available means, from IP registration to preserving trade secrets. We take action against piracy and counterfeits and their associated environmental and social harm. 
  • Commercial contracts: We have expertise negotiating complex commercial contracts for technology clients, including incorporating ESG clauses into arrangements with customers and suppliers to tackle challenges such as supply chain management to ensure good working conditions, recycling and waste. 
  • Product safety: Consumer safety is a key ESG requirement for product companies and regulations are rapidly evolving to respond to the modern digital age. The circular economy, emerging technologies and the rise of online marketplaces have all led to changes in the legal and regulatory framework. We advise on the ESG considerations that arise at all stages of the product lifecycle from design and manufacture, to advertising and e-labelling, bringing a product to market, packaging and environmental issues, and end of life disposal or re-use; securing the value of your product and your reputation. 
  • Disputes: Our technology litigation experts work with technology sector clients to mitigate ESG-risks and ensure regulatory compliance, as well as representing clients before national and EU courts and tribunals, government and regulatory agencies, and administrative bodies where disputes arise.

Responsible business

We're committed to being a responsible business and taking accountability for our actions.

Learn more about our responsible business programme: 

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Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG)

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31. Januar 2024
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