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14. Juni 2022

Sidebar season 2 - Spotlight on ESG – 4 von 6 Insights

Making environmental marketing claims: how to avoid greenwashing

What is greenwashing, and how do you avoid making misleading claims?

  • 12:00

Emma Danks


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Timothy Pinto

Senior Counsel

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In Sidebar we look at the impact of the issues, innovations and trends facing the legal landscape. In season two we're looking at what ESG means for you. 

Consumers are increasingly choosing to buy from businesses who demonstrate ethical behaviour, including doing business in a sustainable way. We've seen a wave of new advertising using terms like 'sustainable', 'carbon neutral', 'low emissions' and 'plastic free'. But what happens when businesses can't back these statements up? 

In the third episode of our Spotlight on ESG season Emma Danks is joined by Timothy Pinto, a Senior Counsel at Taylor Wessing, to discuss environmental claims. Topics covered include:

  • what greenwashing looks like
  • the regulators responsible for monitoring environmental claims 
  • examples where businesses haven't met regulator standards
  • how to stay on the right side of the law.

Listen to Episode three above, or via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Stitcher. 


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