Jeanne is a legal-Counsel specialized in intellectual property law notably in the domain of entertainment, visual arts and media law. She mainly advises independent French film producers, script writers as well as foreign clients with interests in France. Jeanne is involved in each stage of the creation and operating process of audio visual works and more particularly in the setting up of financing plans.

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fibre optic
Technology, Media & Communications

User-generated video sharing platforms subject to new obligations

18. September 2020

von Adam Rendle und Maria Luchian

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Datenschutz & Cyber-Sicherheit

Aktuelle Entwicklungen zu Schrems II

17. September 2020

von Dr. Tim Jonathan Schwarz

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Data centre
Technology, Media & Communications

We're Legal Business' Legal Technology Team of the Year

17. September 2020

von Mark Barron und Paul Glass

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Copyright & Media Law

Adam Rendle outlines the potential changes in the UK copyright law, for Intellectual Property Magazine

16. September 2020

von Adam Rendle

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