The Netherlands has a long history as an international trading nation and was the first nation to establish a modern exchange in 1603. It's still one of the most active markets today, with over 22,000 deals with a value of USD2,226.6 billion completed over the past 30 years. The country is well known for contributions to technology and science – a legacy which continues with its high-profile life sciences and technology companies.

Our Netherlands team is ranked in the top ten of international law firms in the country, with over 60 lawyers working between our technology-focused Eindhoven office and our financial and regulatory focused Amsterdam office.

Life sciences & healthcare

SPC for ezetimibe/simvastatin considered invalid in preliminary relief proceedings

23 October 2020

by Judith Krens

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Close-Up Of Weight Scale
Disputes & investigations

The New Dutch Franchise Act

De nieuwe franchise wetgeving

15 October 2020
Quick read

by multiple authors

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Real estate & construction

Impact of COVID-19 on the international real estate finance market

14 October 2020

by multiple authors

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empty seat
Restructuring & insolvency

COVID-19 in Netherlands: Legislative proposal

15 September 2020

by Remco de Jong

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