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Environmental, social & governance (ESG)

There is growing scrutiny on the ethics of consumption and investment. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors are increasingly shaping strategy as consumers buy from, and work for, businesses that reflect their own values. Investors are more discerning, refusing to invest in those who can't demonstrate ethical behaviour. And stakeholders are demanding activity that reflects corporate social responsibility on a wide variety of issues from sustainability to social inequality.

But many businesses are unsure where to start in order to address these issues. A lack of quality data and standardisation can have a detrimental effect on progress, and the good intentions of the C-suite can be paralysed by a fear of getting it wrong and suffering reputational damage. Dire climate predictions have prompted new legal requirements for leaders to meet, while they face greater scrutiny on whether they're actually making a difference or simply "greenwashing".

How we can help

We'll provide support tailored to your ESG journey. We can run knowledge workshops and roundtables with executives, staff and other stakeholders and provide bespoke legal advice on key topics like:

  • corporate governance
  • sustainable finance and investment
  • disputes
  • product liability and product safety
  • advertising and marketing
  • health and safety
  • regulatory and disclosure obligations
  • brand management
  • real estate and planning.

We can help you measure and communicate your compliance and risk levels, address shareholder concerns, and comply with regulation. And we can do this with your operations around the world.

We're committed to helping you increase transparency and build trust with your stakeholders. If you'd like to know more about how we help organisations have a positive impact, please get in touch with one of the team.

Environmental, social & governance (ESG)

CSRD, CSDDD and the increased focus of legislation on cross-border supply chains

16 March 2023
In-depth analysis

by Alex Walker and Sebastian Rünz, LL.M. (Toronto)

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Interface - Environmental, social & governance: ESG reporting, tech and data

EU sustainability reporting obligations and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive

Rebekka Krause and Jonas Woitzyk look at the EU's incoming sustainability reporting requirements.

6 March 2023

by Dr. Rebekka Krause and Dr. Jonas Woitzyk, LL.M. (Auckland)

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Interface - Environmental, social & governance: ESG reporting, tech and data

ESG reporting requirements in the UK

Lorraine Smith gives an overview of the UK's framework of ESG reporting requirements and looks at how it might impact smaller companies in future.

6 March 2023

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Interface - Environmental, social & governance: ESG reporting, tech and data

ESG, technology and data: a symbiotic relationship

Clare Reynolds looks at the role of data and technology in helping with ESG reporting.

6 March 2023

by Clare Reynolds

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Our team

Please feel free to contact any of the people listed here for more information about our capabilities and their expertise in ESG in your jurisdiction. You can also search for a particular individual or see the whole team by using our people finder.

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