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Consumer & retail

Currently, COVID-19 is presenting a range of challenges and concerns for businesses operating in this sector. Cost control and business preservation have quickly replaced growth and expansion considerations, in unprecedented circumstances. We are supporting clients on a full range of issues including understanding the government relief schemes available to them, and facilitating changes to their workforce, competition policies, commercial contracts, supply chain and real estate. You can read more here about some of the areas of impact, associated legal issues and how businesses can navigate them.

COVID-19 aside the retail industry is arguably the sector most affected by the online revolution and tech disrupters. Coupled with huge shifts in consumer focus through social media, provenance and sustainability concerns and the radical changes in the way people work in the gig economy, the pace of change is unprecedented. The need for businesses to innovate has never been more critical.

We’re helping companies adapt to these changes and innovate so that their businesses are ready for the future. Our international team advises 32 of the world’s top 50 most valuable brands.

We regularly advise businesses on industry issues, such as innovative use of technology and data, how to tackle infringement and counterfeit goods, data breaches, reputation management, labelling, licensing and franchising, supply chain management, environment and sustainability. We support businesses expanding into new markets (often utilising our network of international offices), as well as domestic growth for both ecommerce platforms and stores. We advise at all stages of a company's lifecycle, from seed funding to major and expansion into new markets (often utilising our network of international offices). We advise businesses at all stages on their lifecycle, from seed funding to major transactions and corporate restructurings.

With detailed knowledge of the retail sector, our market insights, original solutions and legal advice are shaped by current trends in the market. Clients value our collaborative approach. We're more than just their lawyers; we're trusted and valued colleagues.

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A legal guide to the UK retail trends and hot topics

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Disputes & investigations

Disputes Quick Read: Retailers reign supreme in Visa and Mastercard proceedings

9 July 2020

by Edward Spencer and Samantha Brendish

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Product liability & product safety

FSA updates technical guidance in light of new Natasha's Law

9 July 2020

by Katie Chandler and Jo Joyce

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Fashion & luxury

Fashion & Luxury Market Update - issue 436

8 July 2020

by multiple authors

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tailors dummies
Consumer & retail

Consumer and Retail in the News - issue 370

3 July 2020

by multiple authors

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From business plan to liquidity - legal guidance for tech companies

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Providing insight, guidance and debate on key developments in the media and technology sectors, and the legal implications for businesses.

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TW: Cyber Response

Our data breach mobile app helps organisations prepare for and respond to data breaches. Organisations will face potential multi-million pound fines for data breaches after 25 May 2018.  TW:Cyber Response provides practical assistance to help clients prepare for and manage breaches as effectively as possible, to minimise their exposure to regulatory action, litigation risk, and reputational damage. The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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TW:Detect is the latest cutting-edge tool we have developed as part of our cyber service to better enable companies to identify potential online threats due to cyber vulnerabilities that are invisible to traditional modes of monitoring. 

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