Real estate, infrastructure & energy

Across the planet, seismic shifts are taking place in how people live, work and travel. We are at an inflexion point in history which presents major opportunities to design, fund and construct our environments in new and more sustainable ways for the future.

The real estate sector, and energy and infrastructure sectors have major roles to play in driving forward international policy and supporting investors, developers and funders with the challenges and opportunities that are coming their way. Through our leading and experienced sector teams, we work with our clients to seize the opportunities in this exciting space. We have experts in both the real estate and energy and infrastructure markets to support the industry across the world, and plenty of evidence to prove that we deliver great results.

Through creating our unique Real Estate, Infrastructure and Energy sector group, we are consolidating our broad cross-border strength and significant industry expertise in a single centre of excellence. We bring a one-team mindset and approach where it is needed for this cross-sector focus.

Tomorrow's world depends on today's teamwork. Together with our clients, we are dedicated to creating a sustainable built environment, innovative infrastructure solutions and an energy production landscape in which humanity can continue to thrive.

Cleantech & Renewable Energy

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Real estate

We've advised on all aspects of some of the world's most iconic buildings and landmark property projects. The built environment affects us all. From investment and development to planning and construction, our capability spans the full lifecycle of advice that anyone with an interest in property could need.

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Energy & infrastructure

Our international energy group understands the shifting marketplace, and has a long history of advising companies in the energy sector – from hydrocarbon to on and off-shore wind farms, solar PV, hydro, geothermal, energy from waste and other forms of renewables.

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City 2040

City 2040 report

Download this exploratory industry-led research initiative, scrutinising the future UK city of 2040

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