Kathleen Munstermann, LL.M. (Medizinrecht)

Senior associate

Kathleen Munstermann, LL.M. (Medizinrecht)

Kathleen Munstermann advises strategic investors in the inpatient and outpatient healthcare sector. Her particular area of expertise is advising nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, medical care facilities and hospitals on all regulatory questions related to healthcare law.

In addition to advising clients on founding, registering and identifying the strategic focus for these facilities, she also advises them on developing innovative care concepts and integrating digital solutions. Kathleen Munstermann has supported over 50 transactions – with a focus on care and rehabilitation (real estate and operator transactions) and medical care facilities.

She received the title of LL.M. (medical law) at Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf, is a lecturer at the University of Aalen in the Health Management master's program, and is a member of the social properties working group of the Zentrale Immobilienausschuss (ZIA - German Property Federation). She also gives talks on current issues in care and nursing home law and publishes in prestigious journals.

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