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Data protection & cyber

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Visit our Global Data Hub for further insight, guidance and news on data protection issues.

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Androids and facial mapping
Technology, media & communications

ESG – diversity data and GDPR

28 September 2021
Quick read

by Tamara Mackay-Temesy

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Low angle view of futuristic skyscrapers
Technology, media & communications

Future proofing real estate for environmental governance

28 September 2021
Quick read

by Clare Harman Clark

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Working Data Centre
Technology, media & communications

Diversity and inclusion data – the view from the Netherlands

28 September 2021
Quick read

by Bart Hunnekens

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Webinar: The New Standard Contractual Clauses – The implementation

28 September 2021
In-depth analysis

by multiple authors

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Our team

Please feel free to contact any of the people listed here for more information about our capabilities and their expertise. You can also search for a particular individual or see the whole team by using our people finder.

Tools & online services

We have developed an innovative suite of online products and resources to help you to understand and meet your international data privacy obligations. The tools range from a dedicated microsite providing thought leadership and practical compliance advice, to interactive apps and guides covering issues including cybersecurity, data exports and HR data.
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Global data hub

Our data protection microsite, is a one-stop shop for up-to-date, international information on data privacy law, offering practical insights, thought leadership and guidance on data protection law. All content on the Hub is available for free and receives over 30,000 visitors a month. We have added a wealth of GDPR-specific articles and a number of GDPR checklists supported by a bank of virtual learning webinars to help clients with their preparations for implementation.

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Global data protection guide

The Guide spans more than 60 countries and takes the form of an interactive online map, which clients can use to compare national data protection laws in multiple jurisdictions. 

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TW:Detect is the latest cutting-edge tool we have developed as part of our cyber service to better enable companies to identify potential online threats due to cyber vulnerabilities that are invisible to traditional modes of monitoring. 

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TW: Cyber Response

Our data breach mobile app helps organisations prepare for and respond to data breaches. Organisations will face potential multi-million pound fines for data breaches after 25 May 2018.  TW:Cyber Response provides practical assistance to help clients prepare for and manage breaches as effectively as possible, to minimise their exposure to regulatory action, litigation risk, and reputational damage. The app is available to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.

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France - GDPR assessment tool

The French data protection authority (the CNIL) has issued a 6-step compliance plan. This free tool identifies your compliance status for each of these steps and is available in both French and English.

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Download: media & tech law

Providing insight, guidance and debate on key developments in the media and technology sectors, and the legal implications for businesses.

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The economy is digitizing at a rapid pace. Products, services and processes that were once flights of fancy are now possible. Are our current legal structures fit for purpose - or is digitization overtaking the law? On our PlugIn platform, we write about our possible digital future.

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