Gender in the UK

Balancing business, together

A gender-balanced workplace, where all people feel supported, is central to building a better business and a better world.

Championed by our Balance in Business network, we’re working to ensure we level the playing field so gender isn't a factor for career success.  

As part of our Gender Plan, we have:

  • Appointed Sian Skelton to our UK Executive Board to lead on Diversity & Inclusion
  • Established an Appointments Review Committee to consider leadership appointments
  • Increased our proportion of female partners and the number of women in leadership roles
  • Taken steps to remove any perceived barriers to progression and refocused our recruitment activity.

Inclusion at Taylor Wessing

Inclusion isn’t just lip service here. It’s key to who we are and all we do.

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Gender and ethnicity pay gap reporting

We welcome legislation that requires all employers with over 250 employees to report their gender pay gap. As part of our Gender Plan, we’re investigating the causes of gender inequality in pay and taking steps to address this at all levels. Since 2019, we have also provided details of our ethnicity pay gap.

Our 2020-2021 gender and ethnicity pay gap report

Inclusivity continues to be a top priority and a dedicated objective in our business strategy. Our gender and ethnicity report provides an opportunity to communicate our progress and demonstrate our continued transparency and accountability. It's important we show best practice and we will continue to provide more information than the regulations require by reporting our ethnicity and partner data.

Reporting each year provides the opportunity for us to monitor the progress of our objectives that aim to reduce pay gaps. Our commitment to our gender plan has resulted in another year of significant progress through a successful talent pipeline and specific initiatives:

  • For the third year our mean gap is lower than the national average
  • Both our mean and median gender pay gaps have fallen significantly this year
  • Our combined employee and partner earnings gap has also reduced significantly this year to the lowest combined gaps we've reported
  • Our ethnicity pay gap has remained stable in both the mean and the median, and we are focused on increasing representation of people from minoritized communities
  • We're continuing to increase female representation in our partnership and have seen an increase in the number of female partners for the third year running

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International Women's Leadership Programme

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