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Green advertising

“Green advertising” – Environmental protection and sustainability in corporate communications and advertising.

Governments need to encourage consumers and businesses to be greener if countries are to meet their environmental targets, and consumers are increasingly looking for 'greener' credentials when making purchasing decisions.

This has not been lost on marketers. Green, sustainable, natural, carbon neutral, eco, organic, recycled, recyclable, biodegradable, low emission, plastic-free, without harming your world and helping to save the planet are just some of the terms increasingly used to attract consumers interested in environmentally friendly products and services. But how meaningful are these claims and what should consumers make of them?

While many marketers use these terms with genuine credibility, others have been accused of 'greenwashing' or 'green sheening' – making unfounded or deceptive green claims to persuade consumers to buy their products or services. We can help marketers to minimise the risk of regulatory scrutiny.


#Green Tax - Green Incentives | Part 2: European Green Bonds

EU Parliament shows the red card and puts an end to greenwashing!

13 November 2023
Quick read

by Elnaz Mehrkhah

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Competition, EU & trade

The fight against misleading and vague sustainability claims

6 November 2023

by Nick Strous

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Life sciences & healthcare

Legal requirements for green claims in advertising for medical devices

27 September 2023

by Dr. Daniel Tietjen and Sherin Sayed

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Brands & advertising

Green brands: what can be trade marked?

25 April 2023
In-depth analysis

by Dr. Wiebke Baars, LL.M. and Louise Popple

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