Dave is an employment partner specialising in sports law. He is the Head of our Sport and Entertainment group. Dave regularly works on crossborder matters with German companies.

Dave's clients include sports stars and well-known clubs and sport organisations. He will give you insightful and commercial advice on all aspects of employment law, including sponsorship contracts, employment contracts, disciplinary law and arbitration.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Droit Social, pensions et mobilité

Discharge of a managerial employee and the subsequent obligation to offer a new position

Available in Czech

2 août 2021

par Janka Brezániová et David Marek

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Droit Social, pensions et mobilité

Work/Life: international employment news update

29 juillet 2021

par Sean Nesbitt et Marc André Gimmy

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Immigration & mobilité

UK Lifts quarantine rules for EU and US nationals – 2 August 2021

28 juillet 2021

par Charlie Pring et Vikki Wiberg

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Logistique et transport

Guide to the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act

28 juillet 2021
In-depth analysis

par Sebastian Rünz, LL.M. (Toronto) et Volker Herrmann, LL.M.

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