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The complexities of pensions law can be a minefield. We will unravel the intricacies for you and clarify all the industry jargon. Our aim is to provide you with clear, pragmatic and commercial advice that will solve the pensions issues you are facing.

Our Pensions team is large enough to help you with the most complex matters, whilst being sufficiently small and close knit to ensure strict standards of quality control and a high level of partner attention.

We work on all types of pension arrangements (defined benefit and defined contribution, trust based and insured, third party and employer managed) for a wide range of clients who include employers, trustees, providers, administrators and members.

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International Pension Plans: the cliff-edge approaches

2 septembre 2022

par John Sweeney et Kunal Vyas

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Fusions et acquisitions d’entreprises et marchés financiers internationaux

Adam Griffiths endorses call to boost pension schemes’ investment in Irish start-ups

12 août 2022

par Adam Griffiths

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Droit Social, pensions et mobilité

Need to know: New defined benefit pension scheme funding regulations are coming

10 août 2022
In-depth analysis

par plusieurs auteurs

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Sidebar - Season 2: Spotlight on ESG

How ESG is changing employment and pensions

What does ESG mean for your people? In this episode we explore the effect environmental, social and governance factors are having on employment and pensions.

17 mai 2022

par Helen Farr et Angela Sharma

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