Dr. Jörg Henkel

Salary partner

Dr. Jörg Henkel

Jörg advises retail companies, disposal companies, companies operating in the commercial sector and service industry as well as publicly-owned companies in the most diverse areas of public commercial law. This primarily includes environmental law (rubbish; water; protection against harmful effects on the environment through air pollution, noise, vibrations, and similar factors; soil protection) as well as public construction law and planning law.


This long-standing expertise in specific public-law issues and projects with interface function to other disciplines helps him find practical and tailored solutions for his clients that are far from the standard. Jörg’s passion for public law is documented in numerous publications, editorial works, and seminars.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Fusions et acquisitions d’entreprises et marchés financiers internationaux

Taylor Wessing advises Hardinge, Inc. on the acquisition of WEISSER Group

21 juillet 2021

par plusieurs auteurs

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Restructuration et insolvabilité

UK energy suppliers – record wholesale gas prices leave companies feeling the heat

5 octobre 2021
Quick read

par Amy Patterson

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Immobilier et construction

Logistic real estate: rooftop power stations of the future

29 septembre 2021

par Ralph Wood

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Environmental, social & governance (ESG)

Impact of EU climate taxonomy on the energy market

28 septembre 2021
In-depth analysis

par Dr. Angela Menges

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