Dr. Carsten Müller, LL.M., Maître en Droit


Carsten is specialised in corporate law disputes both in and out of court. His clients include companies, shareholders and members of corporate bodies.


His particular expertise in the area of family company disputes and directors' and officers' liability, but also in post-M&A disputes both before state courts and arbitration tribunals, deserves special mention. Due to his experience in procedural law, Carsten manages commercial disputes and litigation across all legal areas together with the respective specialists.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Résolution des litiges

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27 octobre 2020

par Katie Chandler et Julian Randall

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26 octobre 2020

par Ronald Graham

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Résolution des litiges

Disputes Quick Read: Law on interest applicable to US dollar awards reaffirmed

16 octobre 2020
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par Laurence Lieberman

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Technologies de l'information

Newsletter Contentieux Informatique et IT

16 octobre 2020
In-depth analysis

par Philippe Glaser et Julia Kalfon

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