Nick specialises in international arbitration and commercial litigation. He advises on complex cross-border disputes across a variety of industry sectors, including natural resources, aviation, financial services, and telecommunications.

Nick represents clients in arbitrations under institutional rules, including under the rules of the LCIA, ICC, SCC, and UNCITRAL, as well as ad hoc proceedings under the Arbitration Act 1996. He advises in both commercial and investor disputes, and has extensive experience advising clients on matters which are commercially and politically sensitive.

In the English High Court, Nick has represented clients in many highly significant commercial cases and regularly advises on early relief, including injunctions, freezing orders, and early disclosure orders.

Nick's cases include shareholder actions, joint venture disputes, disputes arising out of complex financing arrangements, and fraud and asset tracing claims. Many concern interests held in multiple jurisdictions, including those in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Africa and off-shore jurisdictions such as the BVI and Cayman Islands.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Résolution des litiges

Disputes Quick Read: Why the modernised LCIA rules are a welcome update

7 octobre 2020
Quick read

par Nick Storrs et Jack Robirosa

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Résolution des litiges

2020 LCIA Arbitration Rules modernise dispute resolution

2 octobre 2020

par Donata Freiin von Enzberg, LL.M. et Nick Storrs

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Résolution des litiges

Nick Storrs outlines new developments in litigation financing and law firm pricing in The Wealth Net

24 juillet 2020

par Nick Storrs

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Résolution des litiges

The termination of bilateral investment treaties in the EU – one agreement to end them all?

7 mai 2020

par Nick Storrs et Michael Wietzorek

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