Chris is an award-winning lawyer specialising in patents and technical disputes. He works with clients across the life sciences, engineering, and telecoms sectors.

He advises clients on freedom to operate, product launch, patent litgiation, and licensing strategies including FRAND licence disputes. He's acted in over 20 English patent trials and appeals, as well as numerous arbitration cases.

Chris advises on strategy and the coordination of multi-jurisdictional patent advice and litigation. He helps clients win infringement/validity disputes and to navigate through the remedies and relief available including interim and final injunctions, financial compensation claims, destruction of infringing products, modification of products, court declarations, publicity orders and costs awards.

Chris has a strong background in natural sciences and multi-jurisdictional patent disputes. Before practising law, Chris graduated with a degree in natural sciences, specialising in experimental physics. In his early career, he advised on patent law in Washington DC and California.

He speaks and writes regularly on patent issues.

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