Katie leads our Product Liability & Product Safety team in the UK. She is a litigator with broad experience in the technology, life sciences, automotive, consumer & retail, and food & drink sectors. Katie specialises in guiding clients through high-value contractual, shareholder/boardroom, insurance claims and technology disputes, product liability defence litigation and investigations.

As well as disputes, Katie regularly advises clients on product safety and compliance matters including labelling and authorisations, risk assessments, product recalls and regulatory investigations. She will support you if you are facing regulatory action in the UK from Trading Standards, BEIS, FSA and HSE, and in connection with Coroners' Inquests.

Katie regularly works with clients in the technology sector, with a focus on emerging technologies such as automated vehicles, 3D printing, and Internet of Things.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Technologie, Médias et Communications (TMC)

Product liability – what do manufacturers need to know about the question of "defect"?

9 avril 2021

par Katie Chandler

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Résolution des litiges

The Future of Litigation – Episode 1

Hearings in a remote world

9 février 2021
Quick read

par Laurence Lieberman et Katie Chandler

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Résolution des litiges

Supreme Court rules in favour of business interruption insurance payouts

25 janvier 2021

par plusieurs auteurs

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Responsabilité du fait des produits et de la sécurité des produits

Product liability and safety horizon scanning – key issues to look out for in 2021

20 janvier 2021

par Katie Chandler et David Clarke

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