Dr. Johanna Götz

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Dr. Johanna Götz

Johanna primarily advises IT and media companies on intellectual property, copyright and media law. The focus of her practice is on liability issues of host and content providers for infringing content on the Internet.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Interface - The EUs Digital Services Act

Online intermediaries and illegal content under the Digital Services Act

Johanna Götz looks at the DSA's approach to online intermediary responsibility for illegal content.

19 septembre 2022

par Dr. Johanna Götz

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Interface - Regulating the internet

Enforcing the German Network Enforcement Act

A little over a year ago, we discussed the impact of the German Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz (Network Enforcement Act, or NetzDG) which came into force on 1 October 2017, and its impact on freedom of speech on social networks. On its two year anniversary, we ask: does it work?

1 octobre 2019

par Dr. Johanna Götz

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Droit des marques et publicité

Download - the future of media

6 août 2018

par plusieurs auteurs

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Influencer marketing - new recommendations from the Polish Consumer Protection Authority

Available in Polish

5 octobre 2022

par Adrian Bielecki

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