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Employee Restructuring Navigator

Helping you successfully navigate corporate reorganisation

Transformation is key to moving your business forward. In these challenging times, the ability to adapt to issues such as technological growth and digitisation, new industry regulations, rapidly changing market conditions, and the markedly different post-pandemic working environment, has never been more important.

This means rethinking your existing business models and locations to accommodate new challenges in the labour landscape, like the increased demand for businesses to offer their employees agile, hybrid or work-from-anywhere arrangements.

When you're making corporate reorganisation decisions that will change your business's structure or impact its workforce and operations, you need a clear understanding of the labour laws and regulatory requirements involved – including the different legislation in place across Europe, if you operate internationally.

Our Employee Restructuring Navigator equips you with the diagnostic tools you need to approach these decisions with confidence. It allows you to run a variety of restructuring scenarios and review the associated legal issues you may face concerning individual workers, their representatives, and labour regulations in Austria, France, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK, giving you the information you need to make the right choices for the future of your business.