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International arbitration

International arbitration is a fast and efficient way of resolving international disputes. Its popularity lies in the flexibility, speed, and certainty which arbitration offers to parties engaged in business transactions across the globe.

Our international team of arbitration experts, based across key arbitration 'hubs' in Europe and Asia, represent and support clients from across all industry sectors in commercial and investor-state disputes which are resolved through private means. With a strong emphasis on technology, innovation and science, we have particular expertise advising in disputes arising out of the energy and natural resources, life sciences, telecommunications and transportation sectors. We advise large institutional corporations through to private high net-worth individuals and are known as leaders in resolving commercial disputes at both the institutional and shareholder level.

Clients can expect continuous partner involvement, ensuring the right strategies for resolving their disputes are established and objectives are met. Whether proceedings are brought under institutional rules such as those of the ICC, LCIA, SCC, SIAC, DIS, VIAC, or on an ad hoc basis under national law, we provide expert advice and advocacy to support clients through the entire arbitration process and any ancillary court proceedings including applications to set aside awards, recognition and enforcement, and interim measures.

Disputes & investigations

2020 LCIA Arbitration Rules modernise dispute resolution

2 October 2020

by Donata Freiin von Enzberg, LL.M. and Nick Storrs

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Disputes & investigations

Nick Storrs outlines new developments in litigation financing and law firm pricing in The Wealth Net

24 July 2020

by Nick Storrs

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Arbitration for life sciences companies

29 June 2020

by multiple authors

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Disputes & investigations

Equal representation in arbitration

5 June 2020

by Donata Freiin von Enzberg, LL.M. and Michael Wietzorek

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