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Taylor Wessing is the trading name used by a number of law firms providing professional services to clients around the world (each a "TW Firm"), and by other related entities.

Each TW Firm is a distinct legal entity or partnership, separately constituted and regulated, which provides legal and other professional services in accordance with the laws of the jurisdictions in which it operates.  Each TW Firm is a member of (or affiliated to a member of) Taylor Wessing Verein, a Swiss Verein (the "Verein"). 

The Verein does not itself provide services to clients, and is not responsible for the acts or omissions of any TW Firm. The responsibility for the provision of services to a client is defined in the terms of engagement entered into between the relevant TW Firm and the client.

The TW Firms are not in a partnership with each other and no TW Firm is liable for the acts or omissions of another. No TW Firm is the agent or principal of (or otherwise has the authority or power to obligate or bind) any other TW Firm, or the Verein. Likewise, the Verein is neither the agent nor principal of (nor does it otherwise have the authority or power to obligate or bind) any TW Firm.

The TW Firms are: Taylor Wessing UK, Taylor Wessing France, Taylor Wessing Germany, Taylor Wessing Belgium, Taylor Wessing Austria, Taylor Wessing Czech Republic, Taylor Wessing Hungary, Taylor Wessing Slovakia, Taylor Wessing Poland, Taylor Wessing Ukraine, Taylor Wessing Netherlands, Taylor Wessing Hong Kong and Taylor Wessing Ireland. 

Taylor Wessing also has a branch office in Dubai, representative offices in Beijing and Shanghai, business offices in California and New York, an association with DR & AJU (South Korea) and an alliance with Ibero-American firm ECIJA.

References on this website to "Taylor Wessing" or to an "international legal practice", "firm", or "law firm" may, where applicable, be to one or more of the TW Firms or the Verein.

If you have received an email purporting to come from someone at Taylor Wessing and you suspect it may be a scam, click here.

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