Carsten heads up the German Technology, Media & Communications Sector Group. He specialises in complex IT and technology projects, transactions and agreements.

Advising at the interface of new technologies and classic industries, he represents world market leaders, international companies and European medium-sized businesses. He manages projects from the initial contact through implementation to project conclusion, and also during escalations of failed contractual relationships. His approach is: understanding the challenges and finding solutions, belonging to the client team on a long-term basis and creating added value for all participants beyond the project – Carsten is a far-sighted legal adviser. 
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Actualités et publications récentes

Technologies de l'information

Data Centers in Europe – an Investment Opportunity

2 mai 2022

par Dr. Carsten Schulz et Dr. Sabine Kaben

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Projets Internationaux, Énergie & Infrastructure

The 2017 FIDIC Suite

31 janvier 2022

par plusieurs auteurs

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Mode et luxe

Fashion and luxury market update

7 décembre 2022
Quick read

par plusieurs auteurs

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Sciences de la vie et Santé

Cannabis trade marks - What is possible?

6 décembre 2022
In-depth analysis

par Dr. Wiebke Baars, LL.M. et Ina Kamps, M.A.

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