Andi advises in a variety of media, contentious data and information disputes, and also has experience in advising in contentious and non-contentious advertising and IP matters.

He has gained more than seven years' experience (both pre and post qualification) in protecting the reputations of both individuals and companies across all sectors. He regularly works on matters relating to privacy, confidentiality, defamation and harassment, and matters involving contentious data protection issues.

Andi has helped clients obtain preliminary injunctive relief for causes of action including misuse of private information, breach of confidence and harassment.  He is also regularly successful in preventing publishers and broadcasters from publishing or broadcasting private information and/or false allegations about clients without resorting to legal claims.  Andi regularly helps clients achieve results by way of persuading publishers to publish more balanced articles.  

Andi also regularly advises clients on post-publication matters and has regularly achieved results by persuading publishers to remove of harmful, damaging or private/confidential content from media articles or other online publications.  

Andi also often advises media clients pre-publication in relation to articles they intend to publish. 

Andi has experience of advising on contentious and non-contentious advertising and IP matters, including advising on issues relating to the Advertising Standards Authority, and copyright and trade mark disputes.

As a trainee, Andi undertook a 6 month client secondment within the Consumer Legal and Regulatory team at a global online retailer.

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