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17 mai 2022

Sidebar season 2 - Spotlight on ESG – 2 de 6 Publications

How ESG is changing employment and pensions

What does ESG mean for your people? In this episode we explore the effect environmental, social and governance factors are having on employment and pensions.

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Helen Farr


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Angela Sharma

Senior Counsel – Knowledge

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In Sidebar we look at the impact of the issues, innovations and trends facing the legal landscape. In season two we're looking at what ESG means for you. 

Environmental, social and governance factors are becoming increasingly important to attracting and retaining talent and in investment decisions. But what do they mean for your people? 

In the first episode of our Spotlight on ESG season Helen Farr and Angela Sharma are joined by Sunny Romo, an Equities Investment Specialist at M&G, to discuss what ESG means for employment and pensions.

They cover topics including:

  • the impact of ESG on investing decisions
  • how ESG factors are affecting pension scheme investment
  • how HR functions are tackling social and governance factors 
  • how businesses are handling ESG reporting.

Listen to Episode one above, or via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts or Stitcher.

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