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7 juillet 2022

Sidebar season 2 - Spotlight on ESG – 5 de 6 Publications

ESG: insuring a greener future

How can insurance products help manage climate change risk, and what role does the sector have to play in the future of our planet?

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Jonny Bethell


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In Sidebar we look at the impact of the issues, innovations and trends facing the legal landscape. In season two we're looking at what ESG means for you.

As natural disasters and climate change increasingly affect our lives, the insurance sector has a vital role to play in the future of our planet by helping organisations to manage risk and encourage innovation.

In the fourth episode of our Spotlight on ESG season Jonny Bethell, a Partner at Taylor Wessing, is joined by Glenn O'Halloran, Head of Environmental Risks at Howden M&A and Stuart Martin, Associate Director, Climate Risk and Resilience at Howden to discuss how the insurance space is evolving to incorporate ESG.

Topics covered include:

  • how insurance can be part of a solution for businesses managing ESG issues
  • ESG risk rankings
  • how environmental due diligence has shifted to being ESG focused
  • how ESG factors impact transactions and commercial business activities
  • the new insurance products being developed in the face of climate change
  • disaster relief financing.

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Guest speakers 

Glenn O'Halloran

Glenn is Head of Environmental Risks at Howden M&A. He advises on environmental risks and develops insurance solutions to manage these risks. His focuses include contaminated land, environmental warranties and indemnities, and ESG and climate change risks. 

Stuart Martin

Stuart is an Associate Director in Howden's Climate Risk and Resilience team. He supports Howden's businesses across the group by developing new insurance products and finding insurance solutions to address the problems associated with climate change.

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