Alexander specialises in advising ultra-high net worth individuals and families on crossborder tax and succession planning. He also has a particular focus on transparency issues in an international context.

He advises individuals and professional intermediaries on how to remain compliant and manage their risk, as well as in relation to global mobility and on how to structure wealth holdings and plan for the future. Alexander has a broad international client base of individuals and their families as well as professional trustees in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Jersey and the Isle of Man.

Alexander's clients know they can rely on him to guide them through complex scenarios and optimise their overall position, including as to tax. He guides clients through difficult tax regularisation and disclosure exercises, as well as creating, administering and reorganising holding structures in a tax efficient and compliant manner, and on relocation and cross-border investment. He also advises private clients on controlling the flow of their information under international transparency rules and private wealth intermediaries on managing their institutional risk.

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Extension of the disclosure requirements for non-UK trustees on the Register of Overseas Entities

28 juin 2022
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par Alexander Erskine et Tracey Neuman

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Fortune Privée

My trust is registered on the UK trust register. Can anyone access the information on the trust?

23 juin 2022
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par Alexander Erskine et Alison Cartin

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Responsible business

More legal support available for 93% of Windrush survivors not yet compensated

22 juin 2022

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Clients privés

Trust Registration Service deadline is ticking – 4 months to go!

13 mai 2022

par Alexander Erskine et Becky Bailes

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