Tomáš Pázmány

Collaborateur senior

Tomáš Pázmány

Tomáš is a senior associate and a member of the Disputes & investigations team. 

In addition, he supports in advising national and international clients within the Restructuring & insolvency group.
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Actualités et publications récentes

Sciences de la vie et Santé

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18 mai 2022

par Dr. Daniel Tietjen

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Another year of impressive rankings for our Israel desk

17 mai 2022

par Josef Fuss et Nathan Krapivensky

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Résolution des litiges

Space law, the next frontier for international disputes?

12 mai 2022
In-depth analysis

par Nick Storrs et Nicole Ng Yuen

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Fortune Privée

World Shaping Wealth: new research shows clear sense of responsibility from world’s wealthy to power the next economy

10 mai 2022

par Nick Warr

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