Martijn Loth is a counsel with a legal and a technical background. He specialises in technology-related commercial contracting and negotiations, dispute resolution (litigation and arbitration), advising on new technologies, and assisting with regulatory compliance with data protection and telecommunication laws and regulations. 

Martijn has an affinity for intricate information systems, whether that be law or technology. Before pursuing a career in law, he gained extensive experience as a computer programmer, general open source enthusiast and *nix system administrator. He has built his career as a lawyer on being able to understand, advise and litigate about law and technology in a clear and simple way from this unique perspective. 

Clients – both vendors and customers – seek Martijn out to guide them through contract negotiations, software licensing deals, transformational projects relating to technology and data, and regulatory advice regarding data protection and telecommunications compliance. Where necessary, Martijn stands ready as an experienced litigator.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Protection des données et cybersécurité

Martijn Loth recognised with Lexology’s 2021 Client Choice Award IT & Internet

19 octobre 2021

par Martijn Loth

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Technologie, Médias et Communications (TMC)

Successfully advising Holidaycheck Group AG in multimillion deal

19 août 2020

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Droit de la consommation

Consumer and retail in the news

Issue 467

24 juin 2022
Quick read

par plusieurs auteurs

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Technologies de l'information

Implementation of Omnibus Directive in France : new misleading commercial practices

Flash IT

23 juin 2022

par Marc Schuler et Benjamin Znaty

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