Dániel specialises in real estate, banking & finance law, and data protection. He also has in-depth knowledge of intellecual property and IT law.

Dániel is an acknowledged expert in the field of commercial and industrial real estate law and also advises on regulatory issues including compliance with EU privacy regulations. His specialised knowledge allows him to regularly advise clients on their due diligence procedures as part of major M&A projects. He provides practical and pragmatic advice to multinationals, big domestic companies, and promising new ventures in the real estate, construction and technology sectors.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Projets Internationaux, Énergie & Infrastructure

The 2017 FIDIC Suite

2 juin 2023

par plusieurs auteurs

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Environmental, social & governance (ESG)

ESG: Three letters every Hungarian company should pay attention to

Available in Hungarian

21 juillet 2022

par Dániel Ódor, MRICS et Kinga Harza

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Banque et finance

How to remotely x-ray the client? New EBA guidelines for remote onboarding

Including specific national guidelines in Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia

21 avril 2022
In-depth analysis

par plusieurs auteurs

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Protection des données et cybersécurité

China’s own GDPR to enter into force soon - Hungarian companies may also be affected

Available in Hungarian

8 octobre 2021

par Dániel Ódor, MRICS et János Kopasz, CIPP/E, CIPM

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