Dr. Martin Knaup, LL.B.

Salary partner

Martin is an expert in compliance and corporate litigation. As a certified Compliance Officer, he specialises in providing ongoing advice to national and international companies on corporate compliance, particularly on the implementation and development of compliance management systems and the carrying out of internal investigations.


He also advises on disputes between shareholders of partnerships and corporations, as well as on directors' and officers’ liability claims. Martin’s experience of secondment to a listed industrial group has further shaped his understanding of economic interrelationships and corporate interests.

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Actualités et publications récentes


Directors’ and officers’ liability despite legally permissible conduct - why “legally permissible” is not always dutiful

27 mai 2020

par plusieurs auteurs

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Résolution des litiges

Social Distancing and Compliance – how the currently increased risks of fraud can be prevented

29 avril 2020

par Dr. Martin Knaup, LL.B. et Dr. Carl-Tessen Taube, LL.M. (UNSW)

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Criminalité d’entreprise et conformité

Internal investigations – quo vadis?

17 juillet 2018

par Dr. Martin Knaup, LL.B. et Jan-Patrick Vogel, LL.M. (Stellenbosch University)

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Résolution des litiges

FRC's Annual Enforcement Review 2020 – our thoughts

11 août 2020

par Andrew Howell et Georgina Jones

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