Trade secrets

Trade secrets are an important part of a business' IP assets.  They come in many forms, from technical know-how and manufacturing processes to customer lists and pricing information. All trade secrets need protecting. 

However, protection is easily lost and loss of protection can have severe financial impact on your business. Any business can unwittingly use another party's confidential information and become liable for it. It is easy to see how the use and ownership of trade secrets can lead to disputes. 

The deep understanding across our team draws on experts across our IP, employment, litigation and cyber security teams to help you protect your trade secrets.

Our international team develops in-house training, carries out assessments, implements robust processes to prevent the misuse or theft of information and drafts confidentiality agreements and agreements for the sale or license of trade secrets. When disputes arise our team has extensive experience in handling trade secrets litigation and alternative dispute resolution procedures robustly and quickly.

Protection des données et cybersécurité

Platform to Business Regulation to apply from 12 July 2020

18 juin 2020

par Debbie Heywood

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Pipette injecting liquid into microtiter plate on blue background

Synapse - July 2019

24 juillet 2019

par plusieurs auteurs

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Droit des marques et publicité

Polish Constitutional Tribunal says claim for information in trade mark disputes is not constitutional

1 mai 2019

par Agnieszka Sztoldman

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Step Plan Trade Secrets Directive: Steps companies should take in order to protect their know-how

16 avril 2019

par Dr. Paul Voigt, Lic. en Derecho, CIPP/E

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