The Children's Code comes of age – a conversation with the ICO

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There are very few consumer facing businesses with an online presence in the UK that won't be impacted by the Children's Code (formerly the Age Appropriate Design Code) when it comes into force from September 2021.

In previous webinars we've explored the complexities of the code and shared our thoughts on how businesses can address the challenges of compliance with the Code. Now, international co-head of our Data Protection & Cyber team Vinod Bange is joined by the ICO's Acting Head of Regulatory Futures Jacob Ohrvik-Stott, who is leading the implementation of The Children's Code, to discuss:

  • September 2021: a re-cap of where we are and the road ahead.
  • Self-help: an overview of the ICO's materials and guidance.
  • Collaboration: outlining plans for more industry liaison and development of best practice.

This will be followed by a Q&A; please click here to submit a question.

We hope you can join us. 

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