The future of the office and investment into the sector

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In November 2019, we launched our Work in Progress report – a research-based study of more than 2500 working people in the UK and Germany, addressing generational priorities in the workplace. The report outlined the then latest trends emerging from our data that would impact businesses and, more importantly, decisions employers need to consider to limit risk and achieve continued growth. Little did we know how the workplace would be impacted by Covid-19 and how some of the anticipated changes to the workplace would be fast tracked and become arguably the new norm.

On Tuesday 13 October, in lieu of our usual presence at EXPOReal in Munich, we will follow through on the themes from our report and host a webinar to keep you up to date with the legal nuances and trends of the international real estate market in this turbulent time.

This session will focus on the return to work and the future of the office, and their perceived impact on the investment market - comparing the situations as they unfold in the UK and Germany. We'll be joined by colleagues from our Real Estate and Employment teams from both jurisdictions to answer your questions:

  • What is the future of the office?

  • Will the office workplace continue to be the main workplace in the future?

  • What developments do we expect to see in the office, both as an employer and occupier of space?

  • Do we see clients withdrawing from the sector and focusing elsewhere?

  • What other asset classes do you see changing?

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