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Our graduate recruitment initiatives

Talent knows no distinctions

We want to recruit the best people, so we’re working to ensure talented students and graduates from every background can access opportunities with us. 

Contextual recruitment

Not every candidate’s achievements look the same on paper. That’s why we use Rare Recruitment's Contextual Recruitment System (CRS) to consider every student's achievements in context, helping to identify those with the greatest potential, from all backgrounds.

Disability confidence   

We have an open dialogue around disabilities from the start; whether it’s discussing concerns about the recruitment process or our working environment.

We partner with MyPlus consulting to make disability confidence part of our student recruitment strategy, beginning with attracting candidates, through to assessment and onboarding.

Diversity outreach

To provide opportunities for students from under-represented groups, we partner with Aspiring Solicitors (AS). As a result, we’re delighted that 50% of our training contract hires have made to AS members for the past two years.

We’ve also hosted AS collaboration events, shared our success stories with other firms and take part in the professional ambassadors' programme which allows students to speak first-hand to our lawyers. 

We are also a partner firm at the DiversCity in Law graduate recruitment initiative and LGBT Leaders conference for LGBT+ students.

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Responsible business

We are Legal Cheek's Law Firm of the Year

22 March 2019

by Shane Gleghorn and Matthew Royle, Ph.D.

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