Freddie Knottenbelt


Freddie Knottenbelt

Freddie is an associate in the Tax & Incentives group specialising in corporate tax. He advises on a wide range of finance, corporate and real estate tax matters.

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Actualités et publications récentes


R&D tax relief: proposed changes

15 septembre 2022
In-depth analysis

par plusieurs auteurs

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China In & Out - data protection and cybersecurity in China

Europe is abuzz with discussions on the largest GDPR fine ever, while in China, a failed cybersecurity review of a foreign enterprise made the headlines. Could a fine like this also happen in China?

1 juin 2023
In-depth analysis

par Kai Kim (né Schlender), M.A. et Michael Tan

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Fusions et acquisitions d’entreprises et marchés financiers internationaux

A Note on Consumption Restrictions and Exit Restrictions

Reflections on the Chinese Legal Environment

26 mai 2023

par Dr. Jakob Riemenschneider, RA/StB

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Environmental, social & governance (ESG)

Greenstone+ becomes part of Cority, expanding Cority’s Sustainability and Environmental solutions

22 mai 2023

par Robert Fenner et Paul Thorpe

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