Clare Reynolds is a senior counsel advising on FinTech and financial services matters. She specialises in advising on the use of technology in the financial services sector, including outsourcing, operational resilience and cloud computing. 

Clare regularly advises businesses on the regulation of cryptoassets, payments and new models of e-commerce such as marketplaces and platforms. She advises clients on policy development in these areas, and draws on time spent on secondment to a leading technology company and a multinational payments company to provide commercial and practical advice.

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Actualités et publications récentes

Banque et finance

Cybersecurity and digital resilience in financial services: Final rules adopted by EU lawmakers

29 novembre 2022

par Clare Reynolds et Dr. Paul Voigt, Lic. en Derecho, CIPP/E

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Global Data Hub - November - Cybersecurity

NIS2 Directive – new European cybersecurity requirements

Paul Voigt looks at the incoming NIS2 Directive and how it differs from the NIS Directive.

14 novembre 2022

par Dr. Paul Voigt, Lic. en Derecho, CIPP/E et Clare Reynolds

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Réglementation des services financiers

UK DORA? Government sets out plans to legislate for direct regulation of 'critical' third parties to the finance sector

9 juin 2022
In-depth analysis

par Clare Reynolds

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Institutions financières et assurance

Provisional agreement reached on DORA: one step closer to a new regime for ICT resilience in EU financial services

1 juin 2022
Quick read

par Clare Reynolds et Liam Croucher

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