Maarten is an experienced litigator, with a particular focus on trademarks, copyright, design rights and patents. Clients describe him as an attentive and trusted advisor who gives commercial, practical advice.

He has considerable experience in litigation and IP contracting (including license agreements, R&D agreements and confidentiality agreements), as well as advertising and media law.

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Actualités et publications récentes

van haren

Van Haren shoes not a slavish imitation of Dr Martens shoes

14 novembre 2022
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par plusieurs auteurs

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Interface - The EUs Digital Services Act

The DSA: advertising, dark patterns and recommender systems

Maarten Rijks and Annemijn Schipper look at the impact of the DSA on targeted advertising and the use of dark patterns and recommender systems.

19 septembre 2022

par Maarten Rijks et Annemijn Schipper

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Cryptoactifs, blockchain et technologie des registres distribués (DLT) et projets Web 3.0

Pre-judgment attachment on an NFT in the Netherlands

1 août 2022

par Maarten Rijks et Nicky Willemsen

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Droits d’auteur et médias

New set of rules for influencer marketing in the Netherlands

19 juillet 2022

par Nicky Willemsen et Maarten Rijks

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