8 novembre 2023 | 44:38 min.

From the White Paper to the AI Safety Summit - what is the UK's regulatory position on AI? | Tech Me Up! Session #5

In early November, the UK are hosting a global AI safety summit at the iconic Bletchley Park where several countries, academics, industry representatives and civil society organisations will come together to establish global guardrails for AI.

In this part of our webinar series our experts and guest speaker will focus on the UK government's AI White Paper (published in March this year) and the evolution of its key points since its release, as well as the initial output and outcomes of the summit and what it all means for UK AI regulation. We will also take a deep dive into the developing approach to AI from certain UK regulators – including the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Authority for the Life Sciences & Health sector and the Financial Conduct Authority for the Financial Services sector.

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Guest speaker

Lulu Freemont


Artificial intelligence

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