13 septembre 2023 | 46:53 min.

AI, lawful bases, transparency and fairness: how to thread the GDPR needle | Tech Me Up! Session #4

No tech topic is currently being discussed more than artificial intelligence (AI). More and more companies see AI as an opportunity to accelerate and simplify processes and save costs. One thing is clear: personal data is essential when using AI; The European data protection authorities are therefore particularly concerned with the use of Generative AI such as ChatGPT. The strict requirements of the (UK-)GDPR will apply to the use of AI, it is no exception to the rule. We will address the following: what needs to be taken into account? Is a data protection-compliant use of AI possible at all? What are the biggest challenges? What data protection considerations do manufacturers need to think about, and what do businesses need to consider in relation to users? and more!

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Artificial intelligence

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