Sidebar season 2
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12 May 2022

Sidebar season 2 - Spotlight on ESG – 1 of 6 Insights


Episode one lands on Tuesday 17 May 2022

  • 01:05
Helen Farr

Helen Farr


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Angela Sharma

Angela Sharma

Senior Counsel – Knowledge

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Sidebar is back!  

In the second season of sidebar, we're shining a spotlight on environmental social governance (ESG). A hot topic for businesses of all sizes, our legal experts will be joined by industry specialists to discuss the latest ESG developments, innovations and explore how it is shaping the legal landscape. In the first episode of our Spotlight on ESG season Helen Farr and Angela Sharma will be joined by Sunny Romo, an Equities Investment Specialist at M&G, to discuss what ESG means for employment and pensions. Episode one of Sidebar's Spotlight on ESG season will arrive on Tuesday 17 May 2022 – subscribe today and never miss an episode. 

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