18 August 2021 | 00:43:25

Justice, law and inequality with Dr Onyeka Nubia

We were delighted to be joined by pioneering historian Dr Onyeka Nubia earlier this summer for a thought-provoking discussion on the history of inequality and discrimination, and how its effects can still be felt today.

As Cultural Diversity Partner, I was struck by the clarity and power of Dr Nubia's words, particularly the way he:

  • unpicked our perceptions of the law and showed us how it has been used to implement, sustain and justify oppressive and discriminatory behaviours
  • highlighted landmark cases that illustrate how, step by step, the law was used to implement changes which widened the gap between the powerful and the powerless exponentially, and
  • explained how, as the successors of the people who developed these laws, we have an obligation to take responsibility for the inequalities they have caused and work together to remedy them.

The session with Dr Nubia represents part of our ongoing commitment to understand and respect each other's cultures, and to driving meaningful change within our business and the wider legal industry. To find out more about our cultural diversity initiatives or to get involved, please reach out to me or a member of our Cultural Diversity Network.

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