Returning to work – the ever evolving guidance on returning to the workplace

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With the ever-evolving guidance across the UK and Europe relating to employees returning to work, there is a lot for a business to consider to ensure the workplace is equipped and compliant for those who do choose to return.

During the webinar we will discuss the different approaches US states & European countries are taking. We will give some tips on how best to support the safe transition of employees and discuss any questions you may have.

We recently launched a Return to Work tool to help with the transition. The automated online platform produces an assessment report, identifying how ready and equipped your business is. The tool also examines data in an assessment report to create personalised policies and terms around your employees returning to the workplace.

Please join us on 16 December, as we discuss the complications and regulatory considerations of returning to the workplace and how the Return to Work tool can provide support throughout the process.

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