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Transfer Impact Assessment Tool (TIA tool)

Following the “Schrems II decision” of the Court of Justice of the European Union, data exporters from the EU are – with the support of their data importers – required to review all transfers of personal data to non-EU countries (so-called Transfer Impact Assessments or “TIAs”) and to implement adequate safeguards. 

The purpose

The purpose of a TIA is to evaluate whether the legislation in the third country might prevent the non-EU Data Importer from complying with GDPR requirements – especially regarding potential data access rights of intelligence agencies. A TIA requires a diligent assessment of all circumstances of the transfer in question, the laws and practices of the third country of destination and any relevant contractual, technical or organizational safeguards put in place.

In practice

In practice, reaching out to each vendor individually, carrying out all necessary TIAs and keeping track of the progress is extremely complex and can prove to be time consuming and resource intensive – especially for companies that cooperate with numerous vendors outside the EU.

Our solution

 The Taylor Wessing Legal Tech Tool provides an end-to-end solution for managing, performing and documenting all TIAs. The TIA tool will help you simplify and keep track of all processes related to TIAs. All you have to do is to enter the Vendors’ contact details, and the TIA tool will take care of (almost) everything else.


Fully automate your TIA-related procedures

  • Automatically sends elaborated questionnaires (TIA requests) to any number of vendors.
  • Sends automatic reminders to unresponsive vendors.
  • Allows performing TIAs on subvendors of your vendors.

Communicate with your Vendors
  • Allows you to communicate with your vendors directly.
  • Automatically tracks your correspondence with each vendor.
  • The correspondence is exportable.

Automatic evaluation and clear results

  • Provides an automated risk assessment for each transfer, based on the vendor’s answers. 
  • Will provide an explanation on the reasoning for each individual assessment conducted (which factors have increased or decreased the risk of the transfer).


Full control

  • Review the answers provided by the vendor and clarify open questions (if any) with the vendor directly via the tool.
  • Review, finalize and approve the assessment.
  • As the data exporter, you always keep full control over the TIA process. 


Keep an overview and document everything in one system

  • You can check the status of all pending and finalized TIA requests: track how far the vendors have progressed in answering the TIA requests.
  • Project management made simple: manage, organize and track the entire process in one tool. All relevant data can be exported.

Introduction to the TIA Tool

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